Plastic Films for SMC/BMC Processes

High Barrier Carrier Release Film for SMC BMCHigh barrier release film is a necessary and highly valued contributor in Sheet Molding Compounds (SMC) and Bulk Molding Compounds (BMC)  manufacturing processes. The film is most commonly produced using the blown film process as a result of its high speed production, accurate multiple layer control, capability for producing thin plastic films and its relative low cost to manufacture compared to the cast film process.

High Barrier to Volatiles and Chemicals

The term “high barrier” with regard to SMC/BMC applications is defined as the prevention or significant reduction in the migration of styrene monomer and other volatile liquid aromatic hydrocarbons through a plastic protective film. The primary purpose of high barrier release film in thermoset polyester SMC and BMC compounds is to slow the release of styrene monomer volatiles that would otherwise induce an excessive increase in viscosity and/or premature cross-linking prior to molding. The combination of high barrier release film and temperature controlled cold storage prior to molding slows curing of SMC and BMC compounds to provide prolonged shelf life and better product consistency, more predictable molding characteristics especially during seasonal environmental changes.

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