February 23, 2017–Cincinnati, OH

PolyGroup Inc. and Two H Chem Ltd. are pleased to announce the introduction of very high molecular weight polyethylene (VHMWPE) based particles adding to the already established line of plastic based microparticle powders. The FloorGrain™ product line offers various grades with different mean average particle sizes ranging between 150 (Fine) and 580 (Large) micron. These VHMWPE based particles exhibit melt index values well below 0.1 gm/10 min, as measured by ASTM 1238, 190 C, 2.16 kg. Molecular weight values fall between those of typical extrusion grade polymers and UHMWPE making them a good technical value for many applications that require very high toughness. FloorGrain™ VHMWPE powders have been specifically developed for use in paints, varnishes and epoxy and polyurethane coatings for multiple purposes including anti-slip agent, anti-graffiti additive, squeak sound control between floor and tires, structural agent, and satin and matte finish effects. Applications include car park and other heavy-duty industrial flooring, road marking, structural paints, wood and metal furniture, marine paint, varnishes, and others.

PolyGroup Inc. was formed in 2003 in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area and is an innovator and marketer of specialty thermoplastic polymer products to industry processors, formulators and converters. PolyGroup Inc. products are differentiated from commodity plastics by their unique properties and/or function. TWO H Chem Ltd. specializes in the production of customized polymer products including thermoplastic powders, adhesive resins and films and specialty compounds. TWO H Chem. Ltd. company was formed in 2002 in Chungcheongbuk-Do, Korea and has grown through its offering of specialized products and services for select applications.