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PolyGroup Inc. markets and develops plastic based micropartilces with size range generally between 0.1 and 150 micron.  Product offerings include dry Microparticle powders manufactured from thermoplastic polymers.  As experts in the conversion process of plastics to microparticles, PolyGroup Inc. also provides product development for your specialized market requirements.  Visit our Research and Development page to learn more about our product development capabilities.

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Microparticle Market Summary

Market Application Usefullness
Adhesives Epoxies Improves resistance to crack propagation for superior toughness
Binder Activated carbon filters, cathodes in alkaline batteries Provides cohesions of activated carbon allowing formation into shaped blocks
Cosmetics and OTC Personal Care Deodorants, creams, lotions, hand soaps, shampoo, detergent, toothpaste, eye shadow, blush Exfoliant, imparts silky feel, dispersant, color softening agent, filler, thickening agent
Dispersants and Carriers Fine particle pigments and additives masterbatches, agricultural seeds Improves dispersion, provides better accuracy for feeding small quantities into process, prevents agglomeration, controlled release of fragrances, pesticides, biocides, antifungals, and other active chemicals
Inks & Toners Ink jet, screen printing, toners Sheet separation to speed drying and prevent sticking, smudge resistance, scuff and mar resistance
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Industrial electrical components, sinks, shower basins, recreational crafts/vehicles Imparts a smooth low profile finish, enhances gloss, improves crack resistance, adds moisture resistance, reduces shrinkage, improves dimensional stability, toughens, controls pigment dispersion, prevents micro cracks
Lubricants Greases, oils and dry lubricants, metal-to-metal lubrication, emulsions, dispersions, extrusion Improves shear thinning of grease and oils, coefficient of friction reduction, anti wear & extreme pressure additives
Paints and Coatings Paint, varnish and dispersion coatings additive – water and solvent based Structural agent. matting agent, scuff and mar resistance, skid resistance, texturing, toughening, burnish resistance
Paper High quality papers Binds and toughens, imparts gloss, smooth surface finish, moisture resistance, allows for joining by heat seal or hot weld, thermoformable shapes, may be applied as matting agent under certain process conditions
Partitioning Agent Rubber and elastomer compounding, glass and metal plate stacks, diapers and adsorbent pads, misc. sticky materials Light dusting of surface prevents sticking and/or agglomeration, anti-caking, anti-blocking
Sintering Agent Powdered ceramics and metals Creates porosity by heating and compressing additive with metal powder then melting away polymer to leave voids
Textiles Toe puffs, hats, shoulder pads, tarps, tents, technical fabrics, automotive headliner Stiffening agent, binds and toughens, allows for joining by heat seal or hot weld, thermoformable shapes, moisture resistance and/or water proofing, controlled release of actives chemicals as described in Dispersants and Carriers
Thermal Coatings Industrial vessels, appliances, metal furniture, electronics, farm equipment, automotive parts Corrosion resistance,chip resistance, paint replacement in flame spray coatings, fluid bed coatings, eliminate volitile oganic compounds (VOC), slip resistance, graffitti resistance, prolong the life of metals, wood, fiberglass, glass and concrete