Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I get a sample?

Q: How Can I get a sample?

A: Contact your sales representative or Contact Us directly for assistance. After a few questions about your application requirements, we will assist you in selecting a product and send you a 1/2 lb sample for review and testing.

Q: Can I get a custom product for my unique application requirements?

A: PolyGroup Inc. will work hard to provide the right product for your unique application. The nature of specialty polymer is customization. Customization may include a change in particle size, addition of additives or pigment or any other modification of a commercially available product. Visit our Customization pages to get more information about our capabilities and potential for meeting your needs.

Q: Are PolyGroup Inc. microparticle products waxes? How do they differ from waxes?

A: No, PolyGroup Inc. microparticle are not waxes. Our microparticle products differ from waxes by having higher molecular weight. Molecular weight is important because it determines physical properties. Waxes are low in molecular weight and generally very brittle. PolyGroup Inc. higher molecular weight microparticle materials exhibit high strength and toughness similar to those properties found in an injection molded plastic toy.

Q: What are your research and development capabilities?

A: PolyGroup Inc. retains their own research and development capabilities and utilizes partner resources for the development of new products. Whether we utilize PolyGroup Inc. proprietary process technology or the production technologies held by our partners, we will find the solution for your application. Visit our Research and Development page to get more information about our product development capabilities and potential for meeting your needs.

Q: Do you have additional questions?

A: Please Contact Us for a prompt response to your request for additional information.