June 15th, 2018–Cincinnati, OH PolyGroup Inc. has been named by Vertec BioSolvents as the exclusive distributor of specialized bio-solvents for North America including the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Our current product offerings include environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional petroleum-based solvents most often replacing acetone and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) in the Thermoset Reinforced Plastics market.  Thermoset Reinforced Plastics most often include unsaturated polyester, vinyl esters, polyurethanes and epoxies.  Products are manufactured with renewable ingredients: corn, soy, citrus fruits, wood by-products, and other bio-feedstocks. These biodegradable lines of solvents break down 100 percent into lactic acid and other organic compounds that are safely consumed into the water and soil. Bio-based solvents have a reduced carbon footprint. Whereas petroleum-based solvents add “virgin carbon” to the environment, bio-solvent carbon comes through photosynthesis, where CO2 is captured from the atmosphere by a plant. This balances the CO2 released when a bio-solvent is used in your formulation or cleaning application resulting in a positive impact on reducing greenhouse gases.  Vertec bio-solvents are made without any hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and are not damaging to the ozone making them safe alternatives to petrochemical solvents enhancing environmental responsibility and safety for personnel.  None of the products are listed on California Proposition 65.  Refer to https://PolyGroupInc.com/Products/Bio-solvents for more detailed information.

“We are very pleased to partner with Vertec BioSolvents and believe in a future with environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional petroleum based solvents.  The product interests and quality focus of our two companies are well aligned with the specialty markets we serve.” states Paul Jackson, President of PolyGroup Inc.

PolyGroup Inc. was formed in 2003 in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area and is an innovator and marketer of specialty thermoplastic polymer products to industry processors, formulators and converters. PolyGroup Inc. products are differentiated from commodity plastics by their unique properties and/or function.  Vertec BioSolvents specializes in the production of customized naturally derived bio-solvents .  Vertec BioSolvents resides in Downers Grove, Illinois which is part Chicago’s technology corridor in the western suburbs.  Vertec BioSolvents formed as a CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement) out of Argonne National Laboratories in the late 1990’s.   Since forming, Vertec BioSolvents has researched and developed proprietary and patented blends of bio-based solvents to perform equal or better to petroleum solvents.