PolyGroup Inc. Announces Introduction of Polypropylene Microparticle Powders

November 3, 2011--Cincinnati, OH PolyGroup Inc. and Two H Chem Ltd. are pleased to announce the introduction of polypropylene based microparticle powders adding to the already established line of polyethylene based microparticle powders. The PROPOLDER™ product line offers two types of polypropylene powder; FPP™ Series polypropylene homopolymer and MPP™ Series polypropylene homopolymer grafted with maleic [...]

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PolyGroup Inc. Named North American Distributor for TWO H Chem Ltd.

January 25, 2010--Cincinnati, OH PolyGroup Inc. has been named by TWO H Chem Ltd. as the exclusive distributor of specialized polymers for North America including the United States and Canada. Current product offerings include thermoplastic based microparticle powders and compatibilizers but may soon extend into other specialty materials manufactured by TWO H Chem. Ltd. “We [...]

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