PEmahPolyGroup Inc. markets thermoplastic maleic anhydride grafted polymers specifically designed for use as compatibilizers or coupling agents.  View our Compatibilizers products page for technical information or Contact Us to determine how our products may benefit your application.

Compatibilizer Market Summary

Market Application Usefulness
Composites Polyethylene based wood/plastic composites, fibergalss reinforced polyethylene, natural fiber reinforced polyethylene Increases density, improves strength, increases modulus, allows for higher filler content, improves moisture resistance in wood/plastic composites
Masterbatches Nanoclays, static/dissipative additives, extrusion purge compounds, specialty alloys, ATH flame retardant in wire and cable Exfoliation , dispersion, adhesion, increases density
Mixed Plastics Recycle Polyethylene/Nylon blends, polyetheylene/EVOH blends, polyethylene containing fillers such as mica, talc and other inorganics, others Improves physical properties, optical properties, processability, allows for higher recycle content, adhesion