Multistate Uniform Sales and Use Tax Certificate

If you are purchasing goods for resale, you will complete a Multistate Uniform Sales and Use Tax Certificate and submit the completed form to PolyGroup Inc. so that we are not required by the state government to charge you sales tax. PolyGroup Inc. will keep the certificate on file and use it as supporting documentation that goods have been purchased for resale, and that sales tax was properly exempted.  The states vary in their rules for use of this certificate. You should check with the relevant state to determine whether you can use this certificate.  For more information about your responsibilities visit the website provided by the Multistate Tax Commission.

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32    To apply for tax exemption, download and complete our Multijurisdiction Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate Form .

Send a signed copy to the PolyGroup Inc. Accounting Department by facsimile at 800-918-6088 or by Email in PDF format to If you have any questions about the application, please Contact Us.