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PolyGroup Inc. was formed in 2003 in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area and has since been innovating and marketing specialty polymers.  We are active in the field of polymers and their conversion to specialty function. Our vision is to be a leader in providing differentiated products and solutions to industries by offering superior services, the expertise of our technology specialists and the creation of supply chain partnerships.

The professional experience of our staff and partner organizations across the globe enable us to supply quality products and superior customer value. Materials science and manufacturing process strength of our technical support staff provides you with the resources and expertise to select a material with the combination of properties tailored to meet the unique challenges of your application.

PolyGroup Inc. works to understand the requirements of your application and identify suitable material solutions. Our people are dedicated to establishing close working relationships with our customers from project conception through commercialization and are committed to helping customers achieve performance objectives.

In all our relationships we will demonstrate our commitment to:


  • Creating Value for Our Customers
  • Achieving Customer Satisfaction by Understanding What the Customer Wants and Delivering It
  • Achieving Operational Excellence
  • Building Lasting Relationships with Our Partners
  • Practicing Continuous Quality Improvement In All That We Do
  • Valuing the Skills, Strengths, and Perspectives of Our Diverse Team and Encouraging Creativity