January 25, 2010–Cincinnati, OH

PolyGroup Inc. has been named by TWO H Chem Ltd. as the exclusive distributor of specialized polymers for North America including the United States and Canada. Current product offerings include thermoplastic based microparticle powders and compatibilizers but may soon extend into other specialty materials manufactured by TWO H Chem. Ltd.

“We are very pleased to partner with TWO H Chem Ltd. The product interests and quality focus of our two companies are well aligned with the specialty polymers markets we serve.” states Paul Jackson, President of PolyGroup Inc.

PolyGroup Inc. was formed in 2003 in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area and is an innovator and marketer of specialty thermoplastic polymer products to industry processors, formulators and converters. PolyGroup Inc. products are differentiated from commodity plastics by their unique properties and/or function. TWO H Chem Ltd. specializes in the production of customized polymer products including thermoplastic powders, adhesive resins and films and specialty compounds. TWO H Chem. Ltd. company was formed in 2002 in Chungcheongbuk-Do, Korea and has grown through its offering of specialized products and services for select applications.